Hello Bright City Family and Guests,

Here is our most up-to-date plans in response to COVID-19. The key points are in bold and then further detail is given below. Please email church@brightcitychurch.com with any questions.

Key points:

1. We do not yet have a date for returning to the AMC.
2. We will continue streaming online to Facebook Live and brightcity.live.
3. We will also be experimenting with other forms of services including an outdoor/drive-in service.

How we will begin Gathering:
Step 1 (~June): As you are comfortable, small groups gathering outdoors/in garages to watch Sunday services and for mid-week small group meeting under strict guidelines.

Step 2: (Earliest is some time in July): Begin looking at re-entry into the AMC when that becomes a viable option.


More detailed explanation:

We realize that even within our community, we have a broad spectrum of perspectives on comfort levels for regathering, as well as perspectives on the virus and its handling itself. With that said, we are grateful that our national authorities recognize our right to gather as a religious organization and that our faith community is in no way impeded by government restrictions.

However, after consulting experts within our community (including an infectious disease expert and a public health professor among others) we have decided we will not resume regular Sunday gatherings at this time. There are 3 reasons for this:

1. The AMC has not reopened their facility for us to return.

2. We want to return in a way that reflects the Bright City that we all love, and this means returning to our own space with a similar experience.

3. We have decided out of love and care for our community, and the most vulnerable among us, that it is not wise to regather at this time. We have decided this for 2 reasons.

  • Our decision to gather as a community is a matter of witness to the non-believing world around us. Choosing not to gather at this time communicates our love for those most at risk.
  • We know that not everyone feels the freedom to communicate their lack of comfortability with returning to meeting and we feel it would be unloving to force people in our community to return before they are truly prepared.

So, with that said, here is how we will proceed with beginning to gather:

Step 1 – (June)

Gathering with small groups outdoors to watch the service on Sunday morning, and gathering outdoors for small groups/mid-week gatherings.

For this step, we are starting with our already existing small groups, but we are also looking at:

• creating some location specific groups (South Durham, Raleigh, Cary) where people can gather on Sunday mornings
• giving people the freedom to simply invite their friends over to watch the service together

Requirements for these gatherings:
1. Remain 6ft a part at all times
2. No sharing food and beverages
3. Masks recommended, but not required. We leave this up to the discretion of the host.
4. Please show hospitality and deference to the most vulnerable

*During this time, we are also looking for options to host an outdoor/drive-in service and will keep you posted.


Step 2 – (Earliest is some time in July, depending on how things progress)

This most likely would entail moving back into our space at the AMC. Once that becomes a viable option for us, we will consider ways to do this safely.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters. Please pray with us for wisdom as we continue to move forward as a church. We are very excited about the future of Bright City and we are so glad that you are a part of it!