Children’s Pastor

Bright City Church is seeking a children’s pastor who is called and equipped to lead an extraordinary team of leaders to disciple the children God is entrusting to us.

Our heart at Bright City is to see people restored in the 3 key areas we experience brokenness as human beings: with God, with others, and in ourselves. We believe that as we welcome Christ into our lives and take steps to follow him, we experience restoration in ourselves and bring this restoration to others.


The Children’s Pastor role is a full-time paid position.

The Children’s Pastor will:

-[Key Focus] Build up and Develop our team of servant leaders who lead our children’s ministry.

– Develop a leadership structure that will support the ongoing growth of our church.

-Create clear systems and processes for onboarding and scheduling servant leaders.

-Develop and grow the church’s children’s ministry by training volunteers, increasing the scope of what we do environmentally in our children services, coordinating events and trainings, and working with families to develop a team approach to the growth of children with a whole family ministry focus.

-Create dynamic experiences for children that focus on genuine life change, a highly relevant atmosphere (utilizing advanced media, lighting, creative art and worship) and a loving and safe community that children can build lasting relationships in. 

-Broaden the community outreach to children and their families through events, relational service, and creating a culture where kids and families desire to invite others. 

-Work closely with the student ministry team to develop healthy systems for kids who are moving into the student ministry. 


Experience:  Minimum of 2 years leading a children’s ministry and multiple years serving in children’s ministry.

Knowledge, skills, and gifts:  

  • Demonstrated ability to manage and develop teams
  • Passionate about building clear systems and process
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to execute tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Comfortable and confident in speaking, praying and leading the kid’s ministry team
  • Able to communicate a “philosophy of children’s ministry”
  • Good relational skills and a “team player”
  • Strong leadership skills; pastoral heart and love for both children and parents; ability to lead a team of volunteers and work well with other staff.


  • Exhibits a life given fully over to Jesus.
  • Demonstrates a deep desire to grow in his/her abilities; has a humble and teachable attitude that gladly submits to the guidance of the Lead Pastors and the Elders
  • Regularly spends time in prayer and study of scripture 
  • Responds to conflict with maturity, directness, and peacemaking; can interact well with a variety of personalities 
  • Is involved in discipleship, mentoring, and spiritual community on a one-on-one or group basis (or is willing to be involved in that)
  • High level of emotional intelligence.

Conditions of Employment

  1. Supports and adheres to the Vision and Philosophy of Ministry of Bright City Church and its theological beliefs found here
  2. Engages actively with both parents and children.
  3. Staff must be willing to become an active member of Bright City at the beginning of employment.
  4. Work closely with lead pastor to prepare for sundays.


  • Plan regular family oriented events (movie nights, game nights etc. to build community and to do outreach).
  • Oversee and execute an effective and thorough follow-up system for new guests
  • Recruit new volunteers
  • Develop a smooth, easy to follow system for onboarding new volunteers
  • Provide a system to support a good serving experience for all Kid City servant leaders
  • Provide clear instructions for Servant Leaders and their role
  • Organize Kid City environments to easily accommodate servant leaders in their individual environments
  • Manage the Kid City Servant Leaders in a way that serving with Kid City is life-giving and meaningful for servant leaders as well.
  • Cast vision for the future of Kid City at Bright City

// ABOUT Bright City //

Bright City Church launched with the ARC Network in September, 2018. Bright City was a dream that God woke us up in the middle of the night with. It was the dream for a community that simply, passionately sought to follow Jesus, apart from cultural christianity, cliches, and over-simplistic faith that does not match our complex world. We want to see real, true, deep commitment to Jesus and those he came to save. 


Email us with the following at: 

  1. Resume
  2. Statement of why you are interested in this position and why you believe you are a good candidate for this role.